Neurophysiological Development

Activities specifically
designed for children

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There is a direct relationship between activities and the stimulation children receive when they are babies and very young children, and their ability to do well at school. The environments provided by modern cities and households typically deprive children of the necessary stimulation to optimally develop their full range of complementary skills.

Children whose message superhighways in their brain are not ready for learning will find activities such as drawing, painting, bead threading, puzzles, cutting out, word recognition, letter and numeral writing more difficult than those whose brain is mature and responding effectively and efficiently.

The first five years of life provide a crucial window of opportunity to get this right and parents and carers are the primary teachers of these skills. They also need to have knowledge of the various stages in order to help move their child through them.

KindyROO@SPRING focuses on enhancing children’s neurophysiological development through specifically designed activities, and practical guidance for parents and carers.